"Chi semina suoni raccoglie senso"
da Alice nel paese delle meraviglie
Lewis Carroll

Programma definitivo del programma del Seminario Travelling School

6th Jazz Seminar With Jimmy Weinstein's Traveling School
Festival Jazz Mallorca Sa Pobla
dal 19/08/2011 al 23/08/2011
07420 Sa Pobla Spagna

Indirizzo:C/Rosari, 25. Sa Pobla
Città:07420 Sa Pobla Spagna


The workshops are designed to encourage musicians to improvise and they put emphasis on group interaction. Jazz music, Rock and Blues are the springboards used to help anyone to learn to improvise. Pupils work together for five days, rehearsing in groups, sharing ideas, learning to improvise, receiving professional advice and assessment. It is open to those with at least two years experience with any kind of instrument.
Seminar Timetable:
Friday, 19th August
10.00-11.00 inscription
11.00-14.00 instrument/improvisation class
Saturday 20th
10.00-11.30 instrument/improvisation class
12.00-14.00 group rehearsal
Sunday 21st
10.00-11.30 instrument/improvisation class
12.00-14.00 master class
16.00-19.00 group rehearsal
Monday 22nd
10.00-12.00 group rehearsal
12.30-14.00 open class/master class
Tuesday 23rd
10.00-11.30 instrument/improvisation class
12.00-14.00 open class/master class
16.00-19.00 group rehearsal
19.00-21.00 sound check concert
21.30 SEMINAR FINAL CONCERT, in Plaça Major
Teaching staff:
Lilli Santon, vocals
Paolo Porta, saxophone
Toni Miranda, guitar
Francesco Guiana, guitar
Stefano Solani, double bass
Jimmy Weinstein, drums and seminar director

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